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One time a farmer was asked at a large coffee event what sustainability meant to him. His response was, to be able to feed his family and send them to school. For him, in order for coffee to exist, there must be a financial base for coffee to continue. Our goal is to empower the farmer to reach this sustainability. We provide means and understanding as to the practices to reach consistent profitability. Coffee farming still has its risks, but in part, it is our job to reduce those risks while also bringing about change. Once we have reached a basic standard of profitability for a farmer, we then face the project of how to move forward by delivering coffees of exceptional quality.

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The Solidario program is a wholistic developmental model that empowers farmers. We deliver both economic and agricultural modeling to the farmers in order to provide a springboard for success. These curriculums are designed to encourage cup quality while also make coffee farming as a practice to be consistently profitable.


A complete training solution

Our detailed curriculum is a two-fold implementation of ideals that we view to be key for the coffeelands. These ideals are embodied in the ethical imperative that farmers should be able to improve their lives and the community through sustainable coffee farming.

We first provide detailed cost structures that allow the farmer to understand his costs and how to create profits with their resources. Planning for the future we suggest targeted investments to ensure long term profitability.

Secondarily we provide detailed quality feedback as to their coffee. This feedback will help them meet quality goals so that they can meet the market’s demands. This, in turn, allows the farmer to benefit from a price premium payout.

Our practices are driven for complete transparency so that the roaster can be assured of ethical practices. We base our transparency on a clear statement of our pricing structure to ensure that farms receive a fair price.

For the community we provide access to the world market of specialty coffee. This market is necessary for the price premium structure. Through these relationships, we are able to adapt to market demands. The investments we have made in varietals, processing, and quality tiers have all been direct responses to market demands.


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