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Our goal is to empower farmers to enact lasting change. This starts with our incentives for a quality-based approach. We pay premiums well above local market rates, creating a sustainable wage for the farmers. The local market last year paid 1.40 USD/pound for organic coffee. At Origin Coffee Labs we paid 1.82 USD/pound as a base price for conventional coffee. As cup quality continually increases, so will our price premium. Our goal is for you to see and experience these coffees and the qualities they have to offer.

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The heart of our mission is to impact the lives of small shareholders through the Solidario project. In this program, we teach both financial and agricultural techniques to enable lasting change. The progressive Solidario model aims to improve farm practices and make coffee farming a sustainable future for the community.

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What WE DO

The typical role of an exporter is to facilitate market demand for coffee. Within the specialty coffee market, the process is a bit more nuanced. Exporters are expected to be the boots on the ground, finding untapped regions for the best lots. Our goal is to expand on this traditional model by ensuring that the farmers with whom we work are paid a living wage. In this past year’s effort for sustainability, we paid a bit over $ 500,000 in premiums to small shareholders. The premium is an incentive for the farmer to produce quality coffee. This website is a preview of our work. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us or read our annual report, whic can be found in the header.



The Solidario program is a holistic developmental model that empowers farmers. We deliver both economic and agricultural modeling to the farmers in order to provide a springboard for success. These curriculums are designed to encourage cup quality while also making coffee farming a consistently profitable practice.

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We provide farmers our detailed curriculum, a two-fold implementation of ideals that we view to be key for the coffeelands. These ideals embody the ethical imperative that farmers should be able to improve their lives and communities through sustainable coffee farming.

First, we provide detailed cost structures that allow the farmer to understand their costs and how to create profits with their resources. Thinking of the future we suggest targeted investments to ensure long-term profitability.

Second, we provide detailed quality feedback as to the farmer’s coffee. This feedback will help them meet quality goals and the market’s demands. This, in turn, allows the farmer to benefit from a premium payout.

Our practices are driven by complete transparency so that the roaster can be assured of ethical practices. We base our transparency on a clear statement of our pricing structure to ensure that farms receive a fair price.

For our community of farmers we provide access to the world market of specialty coffee. This market is essential to the premium payout structure. Through these relationships, we are able to adapt to market demands. The investments we have made in varietals, processing, and quality tiers have all been direct responses to market demands.


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